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jiggitysmith's News

Posted by jiggitysmith - February 3rd, 2012

Go check it out, leave a comment if you like. Glad I didn't spend more time completing the series as the reception has been nonexistent.


Posted by jiggitysmith - December 9th, 2011

Go check it out. It's in the portal.

Also, my website is down for now. And if it weren't, you aren't missing anything as it didn't get updated since March of some absurd year.

Hope you enjoy Episode 1 of my unfinished opus:


Posted by jiggitysmith - November 7th, 2011

In short, this second installment was way too ambitious and I'd need an incredible amount of funded time that I don't have. I know it's been like uhh 3 years or something, but last year I spent getting married and the other two was unemployment / getting work / etc.

Lol animating is somewhat of a catch-22. When you're young and have countless hours of free time in High School to learn this, you're too impatient / not mentally developed enough to learn it easily, whereas when you become an adult, you can figure it out easier but have no time.

Anyway. I need to clean up a few things and plan on releasing an Episode 1 and more or less all of episode 2 of a possible 4 that will never see the day of light unless signed on somewhere.

I might consider releasing the raw data / flp to any **legitimate** party interested in doing shit with it, but otherwise, I only have time for much smaller projects that I don't feel right starting until I put out the impressive / innovative photo-animation I've already done.

Posted by jiggitysmith - March 26th, 2011

First of all, listen to this:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /404155

It gets electro-funky about a minute in. I'm quite proud.

Official news. Shit this project is way too ambitious. If I were getting paid for it and weren't trying to find a new job (yea my old one basically said don't come back because I wasn't the ops manager's bff - really. Not that it matters, the place changes management every 3 years and I was grossly underpaid)

But anyway. Uh. Well with what I have done of the newer more impressive lolcats, I figure I'm just gonna plug some holes in stuff I was going to add later and release it unfinished since my unemp is going to dry up. Sorry. It had stupid great potential. Once it's release you'll see I'm not lying about that. It's not worth spending a decade on. Expect it uh...later this spring?

What to expect? 2 and 1/3 episdoes out of 4 or 5 or so.

Posted by jiggitysmith - January 6th, 2011

Go listen. It's pretty sick.... and random.

Molly the A.D.D. Dog

Posted by jiggitysmith - September 19th, 2010

Alright here's the skinny:

I've been tied up severely with my job over the summer. Winters are supposed to be slow, but due to a merger last winter I got slammed from around October forward (around the time I'd buckle down and get back to animating). I basically had to request a layoff during the winter of '09 for the winter of '10 because I'm, quite frankly, burnt out and the new management made for an extremely toxic work environment for me.

This is also the time I'm seizing to finish the next / (more or less) final installment of the Lolcats. I'm going to bust some balls and try and get it done by spring.

Updates will be slightly more frequent but, as I've said before, once the trailer is released (and hopefully frontpaged but that's a BIG 'if' seeing as it'll just be a trailer), the animation is done and nothing will hold it up anymore.

Thanks to those who still have some interest. Even those of you who hate the series might bust a nut over the new installment. Regardless, be prepared to be wowed.

Pre-emptive strike:
Hater's gonna hate. Get off my Internets, damn tweens.

Posted by jiggitysmith - November 29th, 2009

Just for anyone who cares, which is almost nobody, but I'm still busting my ass on this project. It's seriously good enough that I'm hoping to gain some big attention (not just newgrounds attention) with it.

Episode 2 is still almost done. I have to do a lot of rewrites for the ending since the original script is basically garbage at this point.

I was planning on doing another whole installment of episodes but fuck that. I'm gonna try and end the whole story in as few (long) episodes as I can.

So in other words this is going to be about 4 - 5 parts and this story in the lolcat universe is finally done. Some of you dont understand, but when you work almost two years on something that's about half-done, you grow to hate your labor of love.
What does this mean? The release date is going to be pushed back probably into late next year.


-I'm still employed so my time is limited
-I have a girlfriend I live with so my time is really limited
-I have a puppy so my time is almost non-existent

Don't fret. This will get done and it will even convert over most of you who hate the series. It will be pretty trippy and is a spectacle of photoanimation the likes you haven't seen.

As I might have said before, but when you see the trailer, that means that the series is done.

Don't expect another update for a while.

Posted by jiggitysmith - June 1st, 2009

For anyone who still cares, the Lolcats are still coming; however, it's been pushed back further because I'm doing my summer job again and time is almost nonexistant with that and my girlfriend (I've even gone so far as to buy a laptop so I can animate on my hour lunch break).

In short:

It's going to be amazing.

I don't want to rush it even though I wish it were done already.

Expect it fall at earliest but that won't happen so expect it this coming winter.

Episode 1 is basically done minus some extra music,
Episode 2 is 3/4 done
Episode 3 I'll be trying to wrap it all up but odds are it might become a two-parter making this installment of the series 4 (long) episodes meant as episodes (unlike the first installment which were meant as one long animation split into 6 parts).

Posted by jiggitysmith - April 2nd, 2009

In an effort to cater to different audiences, I'm officially removing 'Wanda the Whale' and having it released through -Demetrius Bob- and since he'll be continuing the project, I wanted Episode 1 to be with him. I've already ran this by Tom and he gave me the go-ahead.

My ultimate goal is to assemble a small group of people to create projects under my 'JiggitySmith Productions' tag in order to have more content for JS Productions and also as a way to organize the type of content per affiliate.

(So while 'JiggitySmith' of JS Productions does the Lolcats and other G to PG-13 type animations, 'Demetrius Bob' of JS Productions is where you would look to for a similar quality of animation, but to a more adult audience)

I'm hoping to pick up more people to attach to my production name, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that any major release by that person HAS TO BE GOOD or at least polished in style.

This isn't to make me money off other people or for me to take credit for content. This is simply just a way for me to have a larger selection of like-minded animators creating stuff to feature on Jiggitysmith.com (after its redesign) and to pool the audience base among them to make JS Productions the place you go for fresh, innovative entertainment.

Right now I've lost most of my traffic, but once I start releasing my big projects I'm currently working on, I will definitely be getting it back and this time I plan on doing something with it.

Posted by jiggitysmith - March 27th, 2009

I'll make this short and sweet:

Episode 1 is finished minus some minor details. Its running time is about 5 minutes and it's so good in quality compared to the previous installment that I honestly think that it is 'Adult Swim'-worthy (though that's not always saying much).

Episode 2 is already begun and is also guaranteed to please.

Since I'm making the episodes longer, I am not doing a 6-parter as previously planned. That, in conjunction with me running short on time, I may only make it a 3 or 4 part series this time around.

You may see this come out in a couple months but I make no guarantees as I'd rather take my time and do it right than half-assed.

Since I'm feeling a tiny bit generous, here's a random quick shot of Endcat:

Lolcat animation update