Entry #36

Lolcats: Reloaded Ep. 2 released in case you missed it. Guranteed original and crazy polished for photoanim!

2012-02-03 20:18:39 by jiggitysmith

Go check it out, leave a comment if you like. Glad I didn't spend more time completing the series as the reception has been nonexistent.



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2013-04-06 13:17:35

great cartoon, will you doo more?


2015-08-09 04:11:22

why is it that you havent made any animations since lolcats reloaded episode 2

jiggitysmith responds:

I have a wife, toddler, house renovations, and an unfulfilling full-time job. The creative dreaming lives on, but if you're blessed with free time, don't waste it, because life will take it from you one day.