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Man you really need to watch it all the way throug

Amateur? Yes
Could it be better? Couldn't anything?

I would be proud of this if I had made it. Give it a chance; the ending ties together everything quite well. And, it's a pretty crazy experience when you get to the ending. Decisions were made that we would all make. Epic end-credit editing. I bet you get emotional sometimes when you drink too much and watch your film in retrospect.

We're all guilty of that. Pride can be good sometimes.

exotworking responds:

Haha, thanks :)


That had to be one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

Liked it, but...

I thought that it would tie that episode up really nicely if he cut off the beasts' head and delivered it back to the elf for payment. I mean...the last shot basically begs for it and I was fully expecting something of the sort.

Otherwise, that was pretty darn good. *golf clap*

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This was a pretty good reinvention. I like the environmental shaking and zooming effects especially.

wtf? Since I have Adblocking I can't play?

I am not going to disable my ad blocker for any flash game. I think the fact that you have to wait for the game (regardless if it's downloaded or not - I'm looking at you Mocha Ads) as well as be subjected to an ad bar is complete bullshit.

It's a shame that I can't play this game, because for all I know it could be really good. Why can't people just release their flash for free? Why must there always be a catch?

Not bad but you forgot one thing.

In addition to what you said about this: It is of the utmost importance to make sure that the bitrate that your mp3s are encoded at match what your export publish settings are (the default of which are 16 kpbs mono, which sounds like poo). If they don't match and you export your flash, it will go wildly out of sync because it factors in the time it takes to re-encode the mp3s. Another way around this is to click 'override sound settings' which will override the re-encoding (or should at least).

nickexile responds:

Ok, thanks. ;] I'll remember that :)

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Reminds me of Terminal Velocity back in the day.

I'm always down for some good orchestral. You get marks for repeating too much instead of adding more variation / having a better conclusion. About half way through I had to come back to this window and check if this wasn't a loop. Otherwise, quite enjoyable and the melody is pretty sound. Cheers.

lacifer responds:

Thanx for the feedback!
I agree with you... I got to break the habit of just making a hundred short "songs".. instead of develop them further.. :-) ...


Hey glad to see you're still alive!

I'm giving a generous rating because they don't really matter. Not my favorite of yours but it sounds like you're getting bored now that you've mastered every style in music composition and are going balls-out minimalism.

Hope you're doing well with your bands. I'll be checking out those tracks in a bit. Personally I've been knee deep in cats again. I might want to use some of your music in my current project, but don't quote me on that.

spamwangler responds:

how goes it sir jig? ill agree with you thats this ones a bit on the dull side, the tracks actually about 2 years old (im a bit too busy to do me own stuff at the mo

I specialize in music but have been known to make a good flash or two.

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